Harry Styles, Liam Payne and the Inking Craze

It is not surprising to know if you are an avid fan of One Direction. These boys are just so hot and you you’ll certainly fall head over heels in love. Aside from their good looks and talent, these boys also got interesting tattoos that make them stand out. We know that these pretty boys love to show their tattoos and they’re even doing tweets about them.

One Direction

Harry Style is perhaps the most well-known of the group, primarily because of his purebred Cocker Spaniel good looks and the fact that he briefly dated Taylor Swift. He has an aura of a good boy but do you know that he actually has at least twenty-four tattoos? Styles has “yes”, 24 tattoos, all of them awful and many of them looking like universal notebook doodles that you would find on Shutterstock. He also had tragedy and comedy mask tattoo, his tattoo of a birdcage and something that looks like a cupcake wearing a beanie.He is the leading of all the boys for treating his body like a blank canvas and a lot of girls will surely agree that his tattoos undeniably makes him hotter. However, we notice that he seems to like pairings. He got Greek tragedy and comedy masks on his left side, as mentioned above and “Things I can” on his right forearm against “Thing I can’t” on his left. But then he has random choices and we totally loved it when he has a “Hi” on his upper left arm and a black lock on his left wrist. He also has a love heart which makes him sexier.

On the other hand, Liam Payne is one of the tamer boy band members when it comes to tattoos. He actually shared that his mom is not actually into the idea of getting tattoos. Well for those that aren’t into the art of tattooing yet mainly because they are afraid of regrets and disapprovals, it must be the best time to go ahead and be who you are. Do not mind the opinion of others when you actually do not have to especially that there is laser tattoo removal in NYC that you can count on. You just need to make sure that you follow after tattoo removal care. Well, as for Liam’s case, we can’t blame her for listening to mom. In fact, it’s a major turn on, right girls?

Why Does Gaga Keep Her Tattoo Craze on the Left?

Are you somehow curious why most tattoos of Lady Gaga are inked on the left side of her body? Well, that is because the very influential Lady G. is actually honoring the request of his father and that is to keep the right part of her body normal. Gaga says: “He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal. So I only have my tattoos on my left side. She is actually a daddy’s girl for those who do not know yet. This is the reason why Gaga only has tattoos on the left side of her body. Gaga actually denotes the left side of her body as her “Iggy Pop side” and the right side of her body as her “Marilyn Monroe side.”

If you want to know more about Gaga’s tattoos, you came in to the perfect place. Lady Gaga actually got a number of tattoos and if you are going to ask for a certain number, even she has trouble giving an exact one. One thing is for certain though- Lady Gaga has tattoos on her wrist, her shoulder, back and her inner arm. I bet that with the many tattoos that Gaga has, she does not really care nor ask “does tattoo removal hurt?”

Lady Gaga Tattoos fashion

In her wrist is a tattoo peace sign and she said that this one is a tribute to John Lennon who is one of her musical idols. We all know that Lennon is a believer in peace and a major advocate of the anti-Vietnam war movement. “My peace sign…was inspired by John Lennon. I grew up two blocks from the (Strawberry Fields) Imagine memorial. It’s actually one block away from where John Lennon was assassinated. And I am a huge Beatles, John Lennon, Yoko Ono fan. So give peace a chance,” Gaga shares.

This tattoo on her wrist is actually the one that her fans are most familiar with. Some people have said that this tattoo is upside down, but her reply has always been that it’s the right way up when she looks at it and that’s what she desired. Knowing Gaga, this one is definitely something that she will stand up for. Get that courage to get what you wanted too and in case regrets happen, rely on painless tattoo removal. After all, it’s worthy to give peace and yourself unlimited chances to stand up and stand out.

Megan Fox’s Tattoo Collection and Meanings

Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful celebrities and the most expressive too. She is known not just for the beauty that she possess which is truly one of a kind and admired for her extraordinary talent. Aside from these, she is also appreciated for being dramatic. She communicates with the tattoos that she has on her skin, being a big fan of tattoo art. She had about nine designs on her body! Different people have different reasons for wanting a tattoo and Megan is no different. Each of her tattoos has meanings.

Megan Fox on her way to painless tattoo removal

Megan shared that she got her very first tattoo when she was eighteen. She got one after a long term relationship and she had one that symbolizes strength. It is a Chinese symbol and it was located on the center on the back of her neck. A lot of people may not be aware about this tattoo that she got because it is frequently covered by her hair. She also had a text tattoo that is located on her chest. You will surely get surprised to know that she was the one who wrote it. It says “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART”.
Aside from these, Megan also had an exceptional Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right inner forearm. She confesses that she idolized Marilyn since she was a young girl so she got her face tattooed on her body. She also shared that she knows a lot about her. Her placement of the tattoo was so she could look at it and be cautioned not to let Hollywood treat her as badly as they treated Ms. Monroe. But for those who are not aware, Megan chose laser tattoo removal to take off her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. She said that she was afraid that the design may attract negative energy into her life. This is in connection to the personality disorders of Monroe. Tattoo regret is a common thing. It is good that Megan chose the gold standard among the many tattoo removal in NYC.

Megan says that she feels grown up now and she opts for changes in her life. If you have tattoos and you feel like growing up too, just like Megan, be sure to choose an effective and painless tattoo removal. It’s okay to have a tattoo collection on your body but you have to make sure that you know your way out

Celebrity Laser Tattoo Removal and the Reasons Behind It

Tattoos have become more accepted in conventional culture today more than ever. Gone are the days when tattoos are associated with negative stigma and dangerous people. Today, a lot of people are getting tattoos in order to express themselves. The celebrity world is setting the trend on the various tattoo designs that one should have. Celebrities also use tattoos in order to express their love and run to the best tattoo removal procedure in case of heartaches. This is particularly true after a breakup.

Do you remember that Marc Anthony had tattooed the name “Jennifer” on his right wrist at the time he was madly in love with this gorgeous babe? He went for laser tattoo removal and has tattooed an image of the Statue of Liberty over the remains of the old tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is considered as the gold standard among the many tattoo removal procedures that we have these days. So if you are one of those that are dealing with a tattoo regret, you’ve got to choose the best in the field of tattoo removal in NYC. Speak to a dermatologist to know the cost of removing tattoos. Bear in mind that you need professional help when it comes to this.

Mark Wahlberg's inked arm before laser tattoo removal

Aside from heartaches and failed relationships, some celebrities have other significant reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo. During the phase when Britney Spears was into Kabbalah, she had Hebrew letter tattooed on the back of her neck. In 2008, we have been informed that she had it removed while Marc Wahlberg is over his bad boy image. He has embraced a new image and part this image requires the elimination of some of his tattoos. So we see that some celebrities undergo transformation in their images and personalities too. So in case you feel like the tattoo that you have marked on your skin is no longer a good one for your particular personality now, it should be the best time to have it erased for good.

Celebrity tattoo removal is more common than what people realize. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo and it goes really common. You need not to have second thoughts about it. If you are already getting uncomfortable with your tattoo, then have it removed. It can all go really easy. Love yourself and do not be afraid to be you. Have one when you feel like you have to and erase it if you need to. No stress! Everything can turn out that easy.


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