Four Quick Steps in Finding a Trustworthy Tattoo Artist

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, one of the most important things that you need to bear in mind is finding the right tattoo artist that you should trust. You need to take time in finding the right studio and artist so you can make sure that you can walk away with a great tattoo and you are not exposed to any type of risk. The following are some tips that should  guide you in choosing a tattoo artist that you should  trust.

1. Don’t rush.

Relax and don’t be in a rush to get inked. Do not settle for a tattoo artist that you only meet along the street because you badly want a tattoo and you feel like you badly want it now.

Choosing a good tattoo parlor can keep you away from health complications.

2. Check out several studios.

You have to shop around. Meet up with tattoo artists and ask them questions. You may also check out some examples of their work. Visit tattoo studios within driving distance  and see if their studios are clean.

3. Ask around.

An easy way to find an amazing tattoo artist is to start asking around. You may also ask recommendations from your friends. Take note that word of mouth is one of the most truthful forms of advertising.

4. Check out current tattoo magazines and directories.

Checking out tattoo magazines and directories is a great idea, but you have to remember that just because they are featured in magazines does not mean that they are good. It may only mean that they have purchased an advertising space. The best thing to do is to check testimonials from clients and verify that the statements are from real people.

Unluckily, not all “tattoo artists” are created equal. Some are really good while some do mediocre works. It can be somewhat rare to find someone who is truly talented in both “art” and the “art of tattooing, but following the tips specified above will surely make the search easier and faster for you. Surely, you do not want to get possible laser tattoo removal scar. Take your time in finding a good tattoo artist that can give you a great tattoo. After all, you deserve no less than the best for your skin. You may see photos of before and after black tattoo removal in case you already have a tattoo and you want it removed.


Essential Things You Should Know Before Removing an Unwanted Tattoo

Getting tattoos always seem to be a great idea until you suddenly realize that you no longer want the tattoo that you once loved. Even celebrities have experienced tattoo regrets once in a while. Hayden Panettiere had a notorious misspelled tattoo, saying, “It’s Italian: Vivere senza rimpianti. After four years, she was spotted on Hollywood Beach, Florida in a bikini with the partly removed tattoo in full view.

Hayden Panettiere's misspelled tattoo is a perfect subject for laser tattoo removal

Cases like a misspelled tattoo happen and it is true that a tattoo regret is a common thing. Removing anew tattoo is a decision that you have to make very well and once you have decided that you really want it erased, make sure that you choose the best treatment that you can rely on to safely and effectively get rid of the tattoo. One of the most popular treatments in tattoo removal today is the laser technology. The lasers are capable of removing any tattoo color. With laser tattoo removal, dark colors, such as black and navy blue can be easily erased because they are receptive to lasers. Other colors can also be removed through the laser treatment but they may take a different laser wavelength and may require more sessions.

While the laser treatment is known as a safe method of removing tattoos, minimal side effects may be expected. You have to prepare yourself for risk of infection and there is a little chance that the treatment can leave you with a permanent scar. Hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation may also arise. The outcome of laser tattoo removal may also depend on the skin pigment. One problem that can happen is fading of the natural skin pigment in response to the laser in darker-skinned people. This may not happen in all cases, but the natural color in the skin can be broken down just like the pigment of the tattoo can. Possible complications may arise so it is very important that you are meticulous in choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic.

With the laser treatment as a non-invasive method for removal of tattoos, getting rid of the tattoo that is preventing you from getting the job you want becomes easier and faster. Tattoos have grown very common but sometimes people get very impulsive about getting tattooed and regret their acts later. If such case happen to you, you’ll know the best treatment to turn to.

Five Popular Tattoo Designs and the Meanings Behind Them

If you are honestly thinking about getting a tattoo, you may be interested to learn about different tattoo designs and the meanings behind each one before you run into your local tattoo shop. Choosing a symbol that happens to be a trend is not a wrong decision, but you may make a better one if you are going to obtain knowledge about the most popular symbols and designs. You’re going to have to wear your tattoo for the rest of your life, not unless you’ll decide to have it removed soon through painless tattoo removal options. Here’s a list of 5 of the most popular tattoo designs and the meanings behind them.

Who wouldn't get a painless tattoo removal and put on some butterflies.

1.  Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos are very feminine, but guys can have it too. They are pretty and they signify every girl’s desire to spread her wings and be free. They are also a representation of delicacy and beauty. This tattoo design comes in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

2.  Roses

Rose tattoos are a thing of beauty. They are loved by both males and females and you can have them in any way you want- simple or complex. Rose tattoos symbolize love, beauty, strength and passion. Red roses signify passion, white mean innocence and black roses mean loss, death and mourning.

3.  Musical Notes

Humans love music. You do not have to be a musician to love the sound of music and be able to appreciate a good song. Musical note tattoos epitomize the love and affinity with music. This tattoo design can display how much  you love music and how it makes you feel free and alive.

4.  Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers have a mystic quality which makes them one of the most popular tattoo design choices. It is believed that they can chase away bad dreams and catch the good ones. They also ward off evil spirits and bad luck. Many people see them as a good luck charm and hopes that the dreamcatcher will attract success and happiness in their lives. All these make a dream-catcher tattoo a common choice.

5.  Dragons

Dragon tattoos signify fierce, beauty and power. Dragons have captured our imagination for years and many people love it as a tattoo design. They can also mean wonder, hope, purity and strength.

All these tattoo ideas will certainly inspire you. Make sure that you choose a professional tattoo artist and rely on laser tattoo removal in case of regrets. Good luck!


Potential Risks and Complications of the Laser Treatment

Laser tattoo removal is a popular procedure for safe and successful elimination of unwanted tattoos. It utilizes a powerful laser that reacts with the ink and then breaks down the tattoo into tiny particles. The laser directly targets the tattoo pigment and leaves the surrounding skin untouched. When the ink is broken down, it is removed by the body’s own immune system and it creates a natural looking fade that usually only time or sun exposure would produce.

Entrust your laser tattoo removal with only the most credible treatment center.

While the laser treatment is known to be a safe procedure, every medical procedure comes with potential risks and complications. The best thing to do to be able to reduce the risks that the laser treatment has to bring is to do a comprehensive investigation regarding the person’s medical experience. You need to make sure that you speak with a credible dermatology group in NY that you can trust. It is most significant to seek the care of a skilled medical professional who uses efficient and well-maintained equipment for this and any other medical procedure.


The risk of possible infection is low, especially if you know that you are with someone that you can truly trust. In most cases, an antibiotic ointment and dressing are applied to the treated area. It should be kept dry between showers and changed as instructed to stop infection.


When the laser pulses heat up the ink particle, the tiny blood vessels break down around the tattoo. This will result to superficial blisters. While the blisters can look annoying and be tender to touch, do not puncture them. You’ll only have to wait for at least three to four days until the blisters heal completely. Severe burns can also happen from faulty equipment or unskilled operators, but is a rare occurrence.

Loss of skin color

Since the laser pulses are eliminating pigment from the  tattoo, this may lead to a condition that is called hypopigmentation. This would leave a lighter patch of skin where the tattoo once was.

It is important to note that these potential risks and complications do not happen with each procedure. Some are out of your control, but you can certainly get away from them by being very meticulous in choosing the right person that you should trust. Aside from the laser treatment, you can also rely on other painless tattoo removal options.



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