Halloween Guide to Make the Most of Your Halloween Night

What if you are planning to come at your Halloween party in fake blood, but you do not have a fake blood handy? Do not fear!

Halloween-pumpkinsSo it is Halloween and it is just one of the best times of the year to be cool and hit the party circuit in some “scary but gorgeous look”. Halloween beauty tips are worth a look right now. After all, there is no other city in the world that does Halloween like New York City. You surely do not want to get left behind, do you? From fake blood to getting a tattoo and relying to colored tattoo removal after to face paint, anything goes when it comes achieving that perfect Halloween look. The following are beauty tips and amazing ideas that you should know today!

  1. Make your fake blood look real.

Fake blood is one of the most common stuff when it comes to Halloween parties. Your access to fake blood is super easy. Let a deep red or burgundy lipstick do the trick! Getting a red tattoo is a cool thing too. At least, you can keep it at the end of the party. And NO, do not worry about how painful is laser tattoo removal. It is a painless tattoo removal procedure that always comes reliable.

  1. Do not be afraid to exaggerate.

It is Halloween and it is just the best time to experiment with makeup. You have to achieve the character that you want in the first place. Get that bold lip and get glam!

  1. Choose the best costume.

Of course, it is not just about the makeup, but your costume counts too. One of the best things that make Halloween so exciting is that you can dress up and pretend to be just about any fanciful character you want and still be socially accepted. Choose a great costume, depending on the character that you want.

  1. Prepare amazing games.

Perk the party up with games that both children and adults can enjoy together. “Bobbing for Apples” and more modern games like the much asked for “Hal O’ Ween” are going to be a hit.

  1. Have fun.

Holidays like this do not happen every day. Have fun and capture the best photos to share on IG later.

So there you go. We at Disappearing Ink wish you a wonderful Holiday!






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