How to Take Good Care of a New Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is always a cool thing, but taking good care of a healing tattoo can be a serious job. Did you know that how you’re going to do it will affect how the tattoo looks for the rest of your life? You may not want solid black tattoo removal sooner.

Before anything else, take note that the first 48 hours are the most critical in the healing process. It is very important to do the following.

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  1. Keep the new tattoo bandaged.

Once the tattooing is done, your tattoo artist will place a bandage over the tattoo. The purpose of this bandage is to protect it from dirt and other foreign objects. It protects your clothes from stains too. It is advisable to keep the bandage overnight. However, tattoos located on some parts of the body, like the chest can be hard to keep a bandage on, as it will fall off with your body movements so you might want to re-tape the bandage.

  1. Ensure your tattoo is clean.

Once you have decided to remove the bandage, clean your tattoo. Wash off the color slime that has oozed out of your skin along with a little blood. You can use a mild soap and water.

  1. Cover your tattoo with a piece of plastic wrap.

After you wash your tattoo for the first time, cover it with a piece of plastic wrap to protect the tattoo from getting irritated by anything that could rub up against it. You may also want to stay away from your pets for a while.

  1. Avoid scratching.

During the healing process, it is normal for your new tattoo to cause itch. Don’t scratch it. The best way to avoid a very itchy tattoo is to moisturize it properly throughout the healing process. In case the itch becomes unbearable, it is a better idea to just slap your skin.

  1. Keep a new tattoo out of the sun for three weeks to a month.

As much as possible, avoid staying outdoors. If you can’t, wear long clothing that can cover your new tattoo. You should also put an SPF-45 sunblock. It is usually a better idea to get tattooed in the fall or winter so you don’t have to worry about the missed opportunity to hit the beach. Just like tattoo removal aftercare, you should also observe aftercare for a new tattoo.

Practically Everything You Need to Know About the Process of Tattooing and Tattoo Removal Options


Different people have different reasons for removing their tattoos. From a previous gang member who wants to begin a new life to a heartbroken who needs to get rid of the name of his past love on his skin, the stories behind tattoo removal are endless. No wonder why more and more options for tattoo elimination are coming out.

The Process of Tattooing

In order to fully understand the tattoo removal process, it’s important to have a basic idea about the tattooing process. Most professional tattoos are performed with a mechanical needle that moves up and down in order to inject the ink pigment and stain the skin at the dermal level. To determine how many treatments for tattoo removal are needed to remove your tattoo, factors like the depth and color of your tattoo will be considered.

Not all tattoos are done by a professional. There are also prison tattoos, which are done illegitimately behind bars. Tattooing can be a risky process, especially if the artist fails to keep his tools clean.

Different Tattoo Removal Options Explained


If you are looking for the best way on how to remove tattoo, dermabrasion may not be the best option for you. Have you ever imagined rubbing your skin with sand paper? This is essentially how dermabrasion works. The sad thing is this technique is not all that effective. This is because dermabrasion only removes the surface of the skin.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Application of tattoo removal creams is one of the most popular methods of tattoo removal. Several brands may do a great job at marketing their products on TV and online claiming their work, but most tattoo removal creams actually do not provide your desired results.

Tattoo Cover-Ups

Tattoo cover ups are best used when you want to cover your current tattoo with a new tattoo. You’ll need the help of a professional tattoo artist that can incorporate the current tattoo in a new piece of artwork. The colors have to blend well to make the outcome appear more natural.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal in NYC is considered as the gold standard of care in tattoo elimination. The R20 technique allows for up to four treatments to be performed during a single visit, which makes the tattoo removal process work faster than it previously did. You may speak with a board certified dermatologist at Disappearing Ink in order to learn more about this promising method of tattoo elimination.

Another Reason Why She’s a Queen Bee: Lea Michele Has Fascinating Tattoos

You saw her in a Little Red Riding Hood costume in a new photo she posted on Instagram. Want more of Lea Michele?

We loved Lea Michele for her good girl image in Glee, but there is one thing that most fans do not know about her- that is she has numerous tattoos! Here is an interesting article about her- for all of you who adore the girl.


Michele describes herself as an ‘unconventional beauty’ and she admits that she, like many sophisticated girls, has a wild side too. She said she comes home every single night to watch reality TV and she enjoys it with her cat! It is pretty obvious the she is energetic and that her energy is really contagious. She admits that she loves being around people and she is wild, not in the sense of going out wild, but a good kind of wild. On the contrary, she loves staying at home.

Now, here is the most interesting part. Michele has several pretty tattoos. You may have heard about it before, but since she is portraying a good girl role in Glee, not everyone may be aware that she actually got a lot of tats around her body. Now you are wondering where all these tattoos are hiding, don’t you?

On her right ankle she had the words “Our City, Our Love” but recently, there was a cover up tattoo featuring a cluster of butterflies. There were rumors that the former tattoo is related to one of our ex-boyfriends. Tattoo regrets happen to almost everybody anyway. That is why more and more people, including celebrities are finding the best tattoo removal in New York. Good thing laser tattoo removal is always on the rescue. Well, for this case, Michele did it on a different way and who are we to judge anyway?

Next on her right foot she has a small butterfly in blue ink, inspired by her Broadway play Spring Awakening. On the side of her left foot, she has the word Imagine, on her right wrist in teal ink are the words “I Believe”, on her left arm she has a gold star representing her character on Glee and more!

Currently, Michele is helping to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation– just another reason to love her even more. Truly, the girl is a queen.

The Real Impressions You Earn When You Get a Tattoo

There is something about getting a tattoo that brings satisfaction to an individual. Different people have different reasons for getting a tattoo and peer pressure may play a factor, especially when you are at your teen years. Generally, people choose to get tattoos and piercings because they consider these decorations in their body an art. It is a creative way to express one’s self and it feels amazing for many. With more and more people that are doing it, including your favorite Hollywood celebrities, tattoos have somehow become a suitable art form and are no longer viewed by most as something disagreeable. So how do people exactly see you when you have your tattoo?


Tattoos on Women

Women tend to get tattoos to adorn their body. This is likely to be related to the evolutionary psychology of the desire of women to beautify themselves in order to attract men. But not everyone thinks it is cool. Some think having one makes you look unprofessional. It reduces proficient appearance and it is irrevocable. In a conservative society, women are not supposed to get tattoos. But having a tattoo for women is reflected in other aspects of the female culture, like having your hair styled, putting on makeup, cosmetic surgery and absurdly expensive shoes. Most women will do absolutely everything to feel good about themselves and if the tattoo will mean that much to you, go and have it. If you’re asking, “Can permanent tattoo be removed?” or Will laser tattoo removal completely remove a tattoo? the answer is yes. You can always rely on the best tattoo removal in New York in case you had your tattoos during your teen years and you are looking for a job now.


Tattoos on Men

Tattoos and piercings on men are seen by themselves and by the public differently compared to how we see women with tattoos. Men often get tattoos as a symbol of companionship or because of an event that they want to connect with. Most men see themselves more attractive with body art on their skin. According to studies, men with tattoos also report themselves as having more sexual activities.

Will You Free Yourself from the Impression of Others?

Along your journey, you will be judged or you may hear criticisms from others. Be very careful in the way you listen. You can take the good ones and leave the bad behind. You have your freedom of choice. Exercise it.

“Survivor’s Ink” Erases Tattoos of Violent Past: A Ray of Hope to Survivors of Human Trafficking


This is a story of a woman who have been trafficked, sold and beaten by gangs in the US. Her name is Andrea and she was tattooed with the name of her abuser, just like many women who have gone through the same case. Now a revolutionary grassroots project is helping victims to turn these brands into signs of hope.

Andrea is the first woman to be given a Survivors Ink scholarship. “Survivor’s Ink” was started by Jennifer Kempton, a survivor of human trafficking. It offers full scholarships to survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to have their branding tattoos covered or removed.

Jennifer’s journey into the dusk of human trafficking begun, like many women she worked alongside the streets of downtown Columbus, with an unruly and obnoxious childhood. “I was branded like cattle,” she says, standing outside the Living tattoo shop in Lancaster, Ohio. “But coming here that first time, knowing that when I walked out the door I’d have replaced that sign of evil with something that was beautiful and full of life and hope: I knew I was going to set myself free, and man, that was a great feeling.”

She inspired Andrea to do the same thing. She is warm and softly spoken. Her story, when she tells it, is brutal and deeply upsetting. Andrea has a dysfunctional, violent childhood and she ended up on the streets. She fell into the grasp of drug addiction and under the control of a gang of dope boys. She was beaten with a baseball bat when she was suspected of stealing a small amount of money from the gang. They took her to a basement, held her down and tattooed her breast.

“After that, in his mind, he took ownership of me,” she says. “He trafficked me out of this house until I found a way to leave. And after that I carried his name on my body for nine years.”

Luckily, Andrea heard about Jennifer’s project and it undeniably served as a ray of hope for her. She admitted that the tattoo brings back the negative memories and she is glad to finally get rid of it through a tattoo cover up.

We at Disappearing Ink salutes programs like the “Survivor’s Ink”. You can count on us for the best tattoo removal in NYC.

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