Let the Youth Be Heard: Here’s What They’re Saying about Pentatonix: A Must Watch!

Pentatonix won a Grammy a few weeks ago, plus it had the fourth best-selling album last year. Their a cappella talents make them racked up more than 7 million subscribers and more than 800 million views on YouTube.

So while many kids these days are after the tattoos of Chris Brown, in this newest video in “Teens React” series, the Fine Brothers had teens watch two of Pentatonix’s videos and had them share their thoughts. How did they react? They are technically freaking out!

“I appreciate how much more time and effort that they put into that versus an artist sitting down behind a computer and just putting some loops together and making a song,” one teen said.

The singers are only using their mouths to produce music and the participants thought they appreciate the group more than a typical artist. It’s a great thing that the youth are not only into getting tattoos and having it removed via laser tattoo removal, but are passionate about good music too. Learn more about what the teens are saying about Pentatonix and why they are so freaking out by watching the full video.

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This Tattoo Will Save You from Robbers! WATCH Steven’s Latest Viral Vid and Your Day is Complete

It all starts with Steven’s favorite color- GREEN. And he got this pretty cool, green tattoo that relates with his love for animals. He thought his tattoo can do many things and one of the several amazing things that this tattoo can do is to protect him from robbers. You surely want to know how that is possible, so you better watch the video.


And could you imagine that this tattoo can also be used for filming? Yeah, Steven was able to make that possible! This is much cooler than a Chris Brown tattoo, and there’s no way you won’t agree for this last thing- its ability to persuade people.

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WATCH and Your Idea of Mr. Right Will Change Forever: This Man Has Written Love Letters to His Wife EVERY DAY for Almost 40 Years!

His name is Bill Bresnan.

If you’re still single and waiting for the right man, you have to meet this New Jersey man named Bill Bresnan, 74, who documents his love for his wife every day for almost 40 years. ABC News reported that today, more than 10,000 sweet letters are filed chronologically in 25 boxes at their home.

While most young couples express and define their love in a modern way like looking for reasons to date a girl with tattoos, this man’s way of expressing love is truly inspiring. It started on notes jotted on napkins and small pieces of paper shortly after meeting Kirsten Bresnan, his lucky wife.

“All the letters are signed, ‘I love you, my darling’ with an infinity sign,” Bresnan told ABC News. “They’re essentially a love diary. For example, I could pick out a day in 1982, and it’ll begin with the restaurant we ate in or a movie we saw and then a reaction to that,” he added.

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi

So girls, before you think a guy who has several reasons to date a tattooed girl, or one who has tats that look like Chris Brown tattoos is worth knowing, wait till you meet a man like Bill. He continues to write love letters up to this day.

You surely don’t want to miss their love story. Watch, share and spread the beauty of true love spoken in pen.

WATCH: Here’s Something That Will Complete Your Day! MunchingBrotato’s New Tattoo is Too Cool!

MunchingBrotato is probably one of your favorite YouTubers. And in case you don’t know yet, his real name, by the way is Tyler Christie. Aside from his minecraft videos and those with Sky or Deadlox, this vlog about his new tattoo that got thousands of views is pretty cool, you won’t dare not see it.


First thing in this video, he clarified that it is not about the money, but about him, making contents that he can be proud of. Second part is the most exciting part as he showed a cool tattoo design, something as cool as an Angelina Jolie tattoo. And those yummy vitamins!

You’ve got to watch the full video to learn how his microphone did a pretty good job.

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Rex Ryan Has Updated His Renowned Tattoo from Jets Green to Guess What!?? : See it Here!

There’s no denying that many are getting hooked with tattoos, with celebrities that are setting the trend. Have you seen the latest tattoos of Chris Brown already? You’ve got too!

But aside from those interesting designs, you should see new Buffalo Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan’s “updated” tattoo. He has updated his renowned tattoo from Jets green to Bills blue!

In Ryan’s case, given that he had just moved from being New York Jets coach to the Buffalo bills, updating his tattoo is just the right thing to do. And aside from that, he also had to get rid of all this jets, including the iconic black sweater vest.

So if you’re into this tattoo craze and think there are just too many reasons to date a girl with tattoos, perhaps, you should consider updating your tattoos too. Undeniably a fun way to acquire change!

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