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Everything You Need to Know about Chris Brown’s Tattoos

Chris BrownWith the great rising craze of getting tattooed, it is no longer surprising to know that a great number of people that are into tattoo removal is growing too. Black tattoo removal is common. But there is one hot celebrity that just can’t seem to get enough of having tattoos. It’s Chris Brown, a self-proclaimed tattoo lover. He has a lot of tattoos on his chest, arms, back, neck and legs and it’s getting hard to keep track of all his tats and their connotations.  This article will tell you everything that you need to know about Chris Brown’s tattoos.

Chris Brown’s Back Tattoos

His back tattoos include a crazy looking evil / morbid smiley face with a skeleton smile underneath and two feathers that criss-cross above the smiley face tat. Reports say that his back tattoos are representations of spirituality or a symbol of the soul.

Chris Brown’s Sleeve Tattoos

Since this fine-looking guy was 13, he has added more and more arm tattoos to his collection. He had actually created a two full arm sleeves. Well, his many tattoos in his right and left arms were very obvious and a lot of people have been aware about these tattoos that he had. According to Chris, these tattoos are among the most important. They add to his image as a single and actor.

Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoos

Chris Brown got a trio of stars inked on his neck as a matching tat with then-girlfriend, Rihanna. It was a romantic story that we have all watched for yet was the saddest too.

Chris Brown’s Chest Tattoos

There is no denying. His chest tattoos make him hotter. They accentuate his muscular chest and meet up with his arm tattoos. That is why the attention of fans and paparazzi are all in his chest tattoos since the R&B star loves to perform without a shirt on. The singer’s chest tattoos include a “symphonic love” tat. They are roses inked over top of a diamond. These tattoos make him hot as hell.

What to Do in Case of a Tattoo Regret

While it is an “in” thing to get a tattoo, getting tattoo regrets is normal. In case it happens to you, you need to make sure that you rely on the safest options for tattoo elimination. Laser tattoo removal in NYC is a good pick. You may see pictures of tattoo removal progress to get a better view of how effective the laser treatment is.

Celebrities Set the Trend in Tattoo Removal

Most of the celebrities that we adore have one thing in common. They all have a tattoo. The first names that might automatically hit you are Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. These women are considered to be one of the most stunning human beings in the planet and both of them are communicative enough to express their personalities through the tattoo that they have on their flawless skin. They are actually compared to one another not just because of their beauties and personalities but because of the number of tattoo that they are sporting in their bodies.

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox

Jolie and Fox are just two of the many celebrities that are getting images drawn onto their crust and with an increasing percentage of celebrities that are into tattoos, it is no surprising that tattoo removal is also on the rise. In fact, these celebrities are setting the trend. Well, that is something that does not surprise us. That is why they are called celebrities. They do things and the stuffs that they do are appreciated and copied so the trend goes. But the thing is tattoo removal is not just your ordinary trend like fashion or music. There is a justifiable reason why Hollywood celebrities that once have a tattoo suddenly decided to get rid of the tattoo that they used to love.

Of course, celebrities are humans that get regrets once in a while. It was reported that the most common reason behind tattoo removal is relationship failure. Laser tattoo removal in NYC is the most trusted treatment of celebrities while some, like Denise Richards opt for tattoo cover-up. She decided to cover her tattoo after her relationship with Charlie Sheen. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton seemed like a perfect couple but obviously, they aren’t meant for each other. They have also decided for a tattoo cover-up to conceal each other’s names. Kathy Griffin was brave enough to erase her tattooed wedding ring forever through a painless tattoo removal option which is of course, the laser technology.

If you have been dealing with a tattoo regret too, do not fret too much. Celebrities have set the trend and this thing goes for a reason. Alterations in every person’s lifestyle and feelings happen. The cost of removing tattoos via the laser treatment which is a hot topic now will depend on the nature of the tattoo that you have. For sure, your spending will be worth it. Whether you are a celebrity or not, change is an inevitable thing to deal with and you own every right to pursue the change that you want especially if that will make you a better person. That goal is certainly a good trend to follow.

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