How Many Treatments for Tattoo Removal?

Every patient’s tattoo responds differently to laser tattoo removal.  This is a result of different skin types being treated and different inks being used in each tattoo.  There is currently no regulation in what type of materials should be used for tattooing, so it is impossible to predict exactly what material we are targeting during tattoo removal.  We know that certain lasers work best for certain colors, which is why we take pride in having a variety of lasers in our practice, to offer the best treatment for each individual tattoo.  Most patients require between six and ten treatments, though difficult to remove tattoos can sometimes take up to twenty treatments.  Advances in tattoo removal techniques now allow us to perform the newest method of tattoo removal, called the R20 method.  This technique enables us to perform up to four treatments during a single visit.  This treatment regimen allows each treatment to penetrate deeper into the tattoo ink and to drastically cut the number of visits it takes to removal a tattoo.

Where is the new, faster method of tattoo removal performed?

At Schweiger Dermatology in Manhattan, our tattoo removal specialists began utilizing the R20 method of tattoo removal soon after the clinical studies on this technique were published in 2011.  We find that this faster method of tattoo removal benefits our patients by making a previously lengthy tattoo removal process much faster.


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