How Soon Can a New Tattoo Be Removed?

Many people come to us wanting to remove an ill-advised tattoo from their youth, or to remove a visible tattoo as they are searching for a new job.  However, sometimes you want to remove a tattoo as soon as you get it, if the tattoo doesn’t come out as expected.  In this second case, it is important to wait until the tattoo has completely healed before pursuing laser tattoo removal.

Most tattooed skin takes a few weeks to fully heal.  It is important not to begin tattoo removal treatments while the skin is crusted or otherwise not intact from the tattoo placement.  Once the skin has healed, there is no specific amount of time that must pass before laser tattoo removal begins.  If you are considering tattoo removal for a brand new tattoo, you may schedule your initial consultation before the healing process is complete.  During the initial consultation, we will discuss the tattoo removal process for your individual tattoo and skin type, and schedule your first tattoo removal treatment after the skin has completely healed.

Laser tattoo removal works by using unique laser energy to target the tattoo ink in the skin.  The laser energy breaks up the ink into tiny fragments, which are flushed out of the body.  Utilizing the newest tattoo removal techniques, up to four tattoo removal treatments can be performed in the single visit.  This allows for the previously lengthy tattoo removal process to be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

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