Painless Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal doesn’t have to hurt.  Although laser tattoo removal is the best method of removing tattoos, painless tattoo removal can still be a reality.  Simple measures can be taken prior to laser tattoo removal to ensure that tattoo removal does not hurt 

How does painless tattoo removal work?

Prior to tattoo removal, the area to be treated is numbed.  This can be performed by application of a topical numbing cream or with a series of tiny injections of local anesthetic (numbing medication) to make the subsequent tattoo removal completely painless.

Where can I have painless tattoo removal?

Painless tattoo removal is performed at Schweiger Dermatology in Midtown Manhattan.  We feel strongly that you underwent enough pain while receiving your tattoo initially and there is no need to experience pain while having it removed.  Prior to your laser tattoo removal treatment, we will confirm that the area to be treated is completely numb.  This numbing effect will wear off within a few hours, so we will review how to manage any mild discomfort following the treatment.  By offering painless tattoo removal, our goal is for anyone who wants a tattoo removal, but has been hesitant to move forward with a painful treatment, to have their unwanted tattoo removed from their skin.

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