R20 Method of Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal works by using specific lasers to break up the pigment of tattoos into tiny fragments.  These small fragments are then flushed out of the body naturally.  Over a series of treatments, most of the ink fragments are removed and the tattoo is effectively gone.  However, using traditional tattoo removal methods, this process takes an average of six to ten visits, with some people needing up to twenty treatments! 

What is the R20 method of tattoo removal?

The R20 method of tattoo removal is an exciting development in tattoo removal technique.  Recent research shows that by performing four treatments, with twenty minutes between each treatment, during a single visit can actually be more effective than four separate treatments.  The R20 method consists of multiple treatments (up to four) being performed during a single visit.  This allows the treatment series to be completed much faster than traditional tattoo removal.

Is the R20 method of tattoo removal more expensive?

The R20 method of tattoo removal in Manhattan at Schweiger Dermatology is not more expensive than traditional tattoo removal.  In fact, it may end up being less costly, since fewer treatments are often performed using the newer methods.  Tattoo removal treatment is $400 per treatment.  If the R20 method of tattoo removal is utilized and multiple treatments are performed during a single visit, the price is $400 per treatment (or $1600 for a total of four treatments during a single visit.)

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