Side Effects of Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has emerged as the most effective option for tattoo removal.  Tattoo removal creams, although widely available, do not work to remove tattoos.  Laser tattoo removal works by sending laser energy directly at the tattooed skin.  Specific types of lasers are used, which break the tattoo ink into very small fragments.  These fragments are then flushed out of the body’s immune system.  Over a series of treatments, the tattoo is gradually removed.

Laser tattoo removal should be performed by an experienced laser surgeon, in a practice specializing in laser tattoo removal.  However, even in the best hands and using the most up-to-date technology, side effects may occur.  Thankfully, side effects from laser tattoo removal are rare.  It is important that you are aware of the potential side effects of tattoo removal before beginning your treatments.

Potential side effects from tattoo removal include blistering, infection of the tattoo site, scabbing, and loss of skin pigment.  During your visit for tattoo removal, we will review instructions on care for your tattoo removal site at length, in order to minimize the side of any side effects.  Additionally, we use many different lasers for tattoo removal treatments, in order to provide the most effective and safest treatments for our patients.  The incidence of loss of skin pigment is minimized when we use a specific laser for tattoo removal that is safe for darker skin types.

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