Tattoo Removal for Black Tattoos

Black ink is probably the most used ink in tattoo art, and this is a good thing in terms of tattoo removal. If your tattoo is primarily comprised of black ink, your tattoo removal process may be a lot easier. A general rule of thumb to remember when it comes to tattoo removal is that the darker the ink is, the easier it is to remove. The laser has a much easier time targeting tattoo ink when it’s dark, particularly if your skin tone is lighter.  Think of it this way. On a hot and sunny day, the sunlight is most attracted to the article of black clothing you’re wearing, as opposed to the white. The same goes with the laser light.  It’s trickier for a laser light to differentiate between similar color tones. Black tattoos stand out more against lighter skin tones and therefore attract the laser light.  Those with darker skin types will have an easier time removing tattoos that are least like their skin tone. Another benefit to having black tattoo ink isn’t just related to tattoo removal. Black tattoo ink is also the color that causes the least amount of skin reactions.

Tattoo removal for black tattoos is generally a much faster process than more difficult to remove inks, such as red or blue ink.  The number of treatments for tattoo removal of a black tattoo varies, but on average is shorter than the number of treatments required for tattoos with colored inks.  It is sometimes possible for a black tattoo to be removed in a single visit, utilizing the new technique of four treatments with the Q-Switched laser in one visit.  That said, tattoo ink is largely unregulated; even though black tattoo ink is typically the easiest to remove of all tattoo inks, we do not know exactly what ingredients are in the ink. It’s likely that your tattoo artist did not know the exact ingredients either in your ink either. Tattoo ink manufacturers are under no obligation to reveal their ingredients, as tattoo inks are considered proprietary. News reports state that from m a sample of 56 inks, scientists in Italy discovered lead, titanium, cadmium and other heavy metals some of which are classified as toxic by the US Department of Labor. Traditional ingredients used in black ink, include iron oxide, carbon or logwood.  While the FDA does not regulate tattoo ink, they do report that some tattoo inks are industrial grade colors suitable for printer ink or car paint.

Some black tattoo ink may take longer than expected to completely remove, if non-traditional ingredients were used when formulating the tattoo ink. Other factors that play into how quickly you can expect the tattoo to be removed include the length of time you’ve had the tattoo and if your tattoo artist was an amateur.

During your initial consultation to discuss tattoo removal for black tattoos, we will review the process and discuss the best course of treatment for your tattoo.  Black tattoos are most effectively removed with Q-switched lasers, such as a 1064nm or 755nm laser, depending on your skin type.



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