This is a Whole New Dimension: You Have to See #3DTattoo on Instagram Today

Tattoos, like the tattoos of Chris Brown, are must-haves these days, but there is a newer trend that everybody is going gaga about: 3-D ink. Type in the hashtag #3dtattoo on Instagram and see how cool this type of tattooing is. You’ll certainly find thousands of images of elaborate ink representing the new style, which renders objects like insects, animals and landscapes as eye-tricking trompe l’oeil. Reasons to date a girl with tattoos like these are endless!

Among the popular 3-D ink styles are those that appear to display what lies beneath the skin. This can be cooler than an Angelina Jolie tattoo. You can have a butterfly sit on your shoulder by shading or even an injection.

3D TattooWhat is a 3D Tattoo?

3-D is a term used to describe art and animation that uses a third dimension or depth. You just have to think of a tattoo design you want on your skin. Nearly all designs can be made 3D. Think creatively. Does the idea of an alien attacking out beneath your skin seem like a splendid idea to you? Then go with it. The best thing about 3D designs is that thrilling details only make the tattoo better.

How 3D Tattoos is Done?

In order to come up with a 3D effect, tattoo artists need to put some highlights to the design. While to add depth and distances to the tattoo, shadows are added into it. On the other hand, shading is applied for a rounded effect. 3D tattoos should have convincing lighting, shading and shadows. One of the most common techniques for 3D tattoos is to create the illusion that something is sitting on top of the skin.

Choosing 3D Tattoo Design

You can think of anything. Your imagination is the limit. Picking tattoo designs is easy. Choose a design that has significance on you. And be sure that you are with a professional tattoo artist that has sufficient skill and knowledge about 3D tattooing. For certain, you’ll never want to land on laser tattoo removal too soon.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Lover

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